An important aspect of demonstrating a school or trust’s compliance with data protection law is ensuring staff are trained to understand their responsibilities in protecting the personal data they use in their various roles. 

To support you with this, we include access to 2 online modules as part of the DPO service subscription:  GDPR Overview and Implications for Staff.

In addition, we offer in-school training and/or consultancy support on GDPR and data protection for staff, governors and trustees. 

This can be delivered to whole staff groups or governing boards, as well as smaller groups or on an individual 1:1 basis.  We are flexible and are happy to deliver whatever you feel will work best for your school/trust.

Each session is bespoke to your needs and can include an overview of data protection/GDPR law, as well as the practical implications of being GDPR compliant.  You will be clear on the steps you need to take to demonstrate your school’s compliance.

You do not need to subscribe to our DPO Service to take advantage of our in-school training options.

Training feedback
Massive Subject sensitively done for a wide range of knowledge in room”
“A useful update which helped crystalise understanding and future actions”