Data Protection Officer Service

By engaging our Data Protection Officer Service you will benefit from the knowledge and experience of an independent, certified GDPR Practitioner with an excellent  understanding of the needs of schools and governing boards/trusts. 

You will be supported with GDPR compliance, whatever stage you are at, so you can feel confident you are abiding by the data protection principles set down in law.

Our service works with all types of schools, including maintained schools and nurseries, academies and multi-academy trusts and offers:

  • Named DPO
  • Helpline and email address for all queries GDPR
  • Remote compliance checks through GDPR action planning templates
  • Video training for staff and governors
  • DfE GDPR compliance documentation and model documentation/resources
  • Advice on Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs)
  • Advice on Subject Access Requests and a point of contact as required
  • Advice and support with managing data breaches, including judging whether they are reportable to the ICO
  • Liaison with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) on your school’s behalf
  • Membership of the Data Protection Lead online network provides access to resources, updates and advice
  • Data Protection Lead access to monthly 1:1 surgeries and termly network meetings.

See our more detailed service specification in our terms and conditions.