Teacher Assessments 2021 and Freedom of Information!

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If you are a secondary school, or a trust with secondary schools, you are likely to be anticipating Freedom of Information requests for information about your teacher assessments this year.  

You may also be thinking about pre-empting some of these by publishing as much information as you can, which would be good practice.

The ICO (information Commissioner’s Office) recommends:

  • Having clear procedures in place for identifying and dealing with the information requests you may receive
  • Pro-actively publishing as much detail as possible about your processes for determining grades
  • After the assessments, publishing as much anonymised performance data as possible.

In doing this, it is important to remember that you are publishing to ‘the world and need to be very careful about ensuring no personal data is published which could breach your data protection responsibilities under the GDPR.

You may also be expecting requests from individual students asking for information about their grades, and this guidance I wrote last year may be helpful: Exam Results and Subject Access Requests.