Data Protection and GDPR Services

The use of data across our sector and beyond has developed significantly in recent years, and so it is right that the law, processes and skillsets associated with being effective guardians of children’s data are brought up to date and fit for the modern era…..

Understanding and aligning to the changes is a challenge for all organisations, big or small. It does though provide a thorough opportunity to refresh policies and procedures relating to the safe stewardship of data’.

Neil McIvor, Chief Data Officer, Department for Education (DfE)

Data Protection Officer

A Data Protection Officer (DPO) is a legislative requirement for schools and it is essential to have a degree of separation between the DPO role and those managing a school’s ‘data ecosystem’.  

In its Data Protection toolkit for schools, the DfE stresses that the DPO needs to be sufficiently removed from those making technology or processing decisions.

It is a significant undertaking and needs someone with the appropriate level of experience and knowledge. 

Data Protection Officer Service

By engaging our Data Protection Officer Service you will benefit from the knowledge and experience of an independent, certified GDPR Practitioner with an excellent  understanding of the needs of schools and governing boards/trusts. 

You will be supported with GDPR compliance, whatever stage you are at, so you can feel confident you are abiding by the data protection principles set down in law.

The quality of advice has been very good. Nicola is always on hand and re-assures me when I need to know we are doing the right thing. Having access to model documents and online training gives me peace of mind and saves a lot of time.”
Clare Bourne, Data and Communications Leader – Furze Down School.

‘We have benefited hugely from working with ‘Schools DPO’.  With Nicola’s specialist knowledge of the way in which schools work,  she guides us through complexities professionally and  clearly, enabling us to meet the requirements of GDPR.’     
Grace Slater, Headteacher – Radley CE Primary